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Orientation and attraction: de resultaten
« Gepost op: oktober 04, 2015, 10:24:10 pm »
Het analyseren kost even tijd, maar ik zal vast wat eerste resultaten geven. Dit zijn puur de grafiekjes die ik tot nu toe heb, maar er komen al interessante dingen uit!

Asexuals do not feel (significant) sexual attraction to anyone, in contrast to for example heterosexual and homosexual people. As sex is an important part of life and social interaction for many people, we wondered how a sexual orientation can influence one’s view on other people, social interactions and social pressure. Therefore we asked people from different orientations to fil in a questionnaire. We specifically asked asexuals and other ‘non-heterosexual’ people to join, therefore the participant group does not represent the composition of society as a whole. The questionnaire aimed to cover the most common answer options, but it is by no means up to scientific standards: we merely aimed to gain a general impression of our participants. The analysis is done by percentages, a full statistical analysis is too complex for our aim. Therefore please take care while interpreting the data. The data is very rich, here we will only discuss some conclusions that can be drawn from it. Please refer to the charts for more information.

We received 229 submissions of our questionnaire. Asexuals provided 49 submissions, bi/poly/pansexuals 40, homosexuals 12, heterosexuals 124 and fluid/neutral 4. As we considered 4 too low a number to draw any reliable conclusions from, we will not discuss the results of the fluid/neutral group. This does not mean that their views are not valid or important! For the rest of the data, we will present the results per sexual orientation.


Een hokje dient om even te passen of iets je staat. Daarna stap je weer vrij de wereld in, met of zonder nieuwe aanwinst :D


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Re:Orientation and attraction: de resultaten
« Reactie #1 Gepost op: oktober 06, 2015, 08:23:03 am »
Interessante resultaten, bedankt voor het plaatsen. :)